While some may not notice it at this particular moment, we’re currently witnesses of great changes. It’s becoming more and more authentic with the use of real instruments once again.

Various technological improvements are slowly shifting the trends, ultimately even hitting the very core of music-making and altering the ways artists create their new work. This may be a double-edged sword, but not to get into too many bothersome details, we should appreciate the fact that at this day and age we have an abundance of different musical directions at our disposal.

But there’s one particular movement in rock music that traces its roots in the late 1970s and the early 1980s, and that eventually exploded during the 1990s. The so-called “alternative” rock music encompasses anything from punk, over grunge, even up to nu-metal music. Although serving more as an umbrella term, the movement has its diehard following and we’re even seeing the rise of many alternative rock bands and artists.

At this point, alternative rock is a genre that stands at the forefront and pushes the boundaries by bringing mainstream pop and underground rock closer together. With all this in mind, we’ll be exploring some of the most exciting new alternative rock artists who are expected to make bigger breakthroughs in 2020.

Oliver Tree

Coming from California, Oliver Tree Nickell has been around for some time, delivering his quirky music and appearance. However, it’s all rounded up beautifully, with music, lyrics, and his unconventional looks complementing each other so well.

Embarking on the musical journey early on in his life, Oliver Tree explored a variety of different genres, even becoming a DJ for a hip-hop group Mindfuck at one point. This is something that served him well in his solo career where he fused electronica elements with alternative and indie rock genres.

Releasing one full-length album, a few EPs, and a bunch of singles between 2013 and 2019, we’re expecting to see him push his career further in 2020.

White Reaper

Delving in territories between hard rock, punk, and indie rock, White Reaper has been around since 2014, releasing three banging full-length albums in the process. Coming from 2019, the album “You Deserve Love” brings some game-changing tunes like “Might Be Right,” “1F,” and “Real Long Time,” which are proving that the band is ready to attack in 2020 as well.

What’s really exciting are the classic rock and metal structures mashed together with some pop-ish punk elements. In a piece like “Real Long Time” we can even hear them doing some guitar harmonies and overall grooves in the style of Thin Lizzy, but with their own original twist. It’s really exciting and refreshing to see such a group in the modern alt-rock scene.


Badflower is a band that just can’t be avoided on a list like this one. Originally known as The Cartunes, they emerged under their new name in 2013. At the present moment, they have four EPs (including the ones under the old moniker) and only one studio record so far, 2019’s “OK, I’m Sick.”

This full-length topped the Heatseekers Albums chart, with the single “The Jester” peaking at No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Billboard chart. It was quite mindblowing to see such a young rock band releasing material that can compete with all the other experienced bands, ultimately earning them their own Billboard songs.

Bishop Briggs

The constantly evolving alternative and indie rock scene can bring some unexpected twists. It’s such a great honor to be a member of the rock community these days knowing that there’s an artist like Bishop Briggs among our ranks.

Coming from a very interesting background, she moved a lot, living in Scotland, Japan, Hong Kong, and eventually the United States where she attended the famous Musicians Institute. Her journey into the music industry started with the release of her eponymous EP in November of 2016. Two albums came in 2019 and 2019, both of them showing her unique approach to songwriting, arranging, and vocal performance.

Visually and musically, she could be described as Billie Eilish meets hard rock.

The Score

New York City-based alternative rock band The Score came into the spotlight with their song “Oh My Love” being featured in the ad campaign by Asda markets. After this well-deserved attention, they kept building on this success and have released a good number of EPs, as well as one full-length album titled “Atlas” in 2017.

Their latest release is “Stay” EP, continuing the streak of shorter-length formats. We can also notice that their work has gotten more into the direction of classic rock music, with electric guitars taking more space in the overall mix, the song “Rush” being a great example. We’re yet to see whether this trend in their music will continue, but one thing’s certain – they’ll keep getting stronger in 2020.

Sam Fender

Currently in his mid-20s, Sam Fender managed to capture the hearts of indie rock music lovers of all generations. Of course, thanks to his surname, many have speculated whether he’s related to Leo Fender, the man behind the famous guitar company, but this was never confirmed. However, we do know that Sam, appropriately enough, plays Fenders.

So far, he has only one EP, “Dead Boys” from 2018, and one full-length record, “Hypersonic Missiles” released in 2019. His heartland rock style combined with indie rock influences puts him into the alternative category. However, his fanbase goes outside of conventional rock fans, even going deep into the pop territories.

His works so far received critical acclaim and fan praise. Being at the very beginning of his career, it seems that 2020 will be his year.


Just when everyone thought nothing new can be done within the rock music genre, then came young Dominic Richard Harrison, aka Yungblud, to turn the whole genre upside down. His professional name is clearly fitting, as he definitely is young fresh blood on the scene.

He pushes the boundaries by using classic rock music as the base to put modern hip hop elements on top. The result comes in the shape of songs like “Parents,” “Loner,” “Die a Little,” and “Hope for the Underrated Youth.”